Changing Persalys language

Persalys has 2 languages : French and English
By default the used language is the one of the computer but it is still possible to force the language manually :

  • Linux : you must launch the appImage as follow : LANG=en ./persalys-x.x.x-x86_64.AppImage
  • Windows : you must access the file that launches Persalys, using the shortcut on the desktop for example. If Persalys is installed in user mode, the folder will be C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Persalys\Lib\site-packages\persalys.
    You must open with a text editor the file persalys.vbs : in this file you have to uncomment the line rem wshEnv("LANG") = "en", which means removing rem.
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Hi Antoine,
This was just the information I needed: thank you very much for sharing this!
We are working to prepare a training session on PERSALYS in english, but we are using a french setup, so these informations are very useful.