Vectorial Functions definition


i would like to ask a question referring to an example given in the following link:

i can understand the definition of the function as well as the definition of the sampled trajectories. My question resides on the connectivity between persalys and Code_Aster through the Salome Meca environment. I would like to know if it is possible to extract the vectors of a defined function in C.A. for stochastic and optimization analysis.

Thank you!

In persalys, you can extract values at some specific node (right click on the central tendancy result) and then it will create a data model based on these data.
We are currently creating a video based on this example.
Here is the example we will use, which is the one of the link you gave.

field_example.xml (938.3 KB)


thank you very much for the example it shed indeed a lot of light on how many things work in persalys!! I will have to do some tests following the new salome_meca 2020 version that became available these last days and see how this works out!.
I have a problem in defining the NOM_PARA variable in Salome_Meca and establish said connection with the Persalys version. The error i am getting at the moment is the following : " NOM_PARA not defined in the selected IMPR_TABLE command" . I am defining a NOM_PARA in my study in the IMPR_ΤΑΒLE command. It seems like the .npy file is not read correctly. Would you happen to know how to correct this? Are there any prerequisites that i am not aware of and should of been installed?

Thank you very much !

I am sorry I do not use Salome_Meca so I don’t know what is the problem. I think you may have to switch from this forum to the salome_meca forum depending of the topic.

Thank you very much for the reply, i will do that !
Also another question, in the example you have given me i can see the different distributions used for the probabilistic model. Which are the criteria to select the distributions ?